Nathan Henry Design

About the Company

NHD features the work of art director, Nathan Henry, along with a virtual team of professionals including web designers, programmers, motion graphic developers and sound engineers. NHD provides robust design and marketing solutions covering all areas of interactive media, gaming, and web applications. With extensive experience working with notable clientele from a wide range of industries, NHD achieves visionary results, producing inspired creative ideas across multiple platforms.

We strive for creativity that is progressive, innovative and efficient. We tackle challenges with our myriad of resources, meeting increasing demands through an expansive network of dedicated talent. Adaptable and solution-driven, we support our clients from inception of core ideas through to project completion, offering quality design and execution streamlined for time and cost efficiency, driving clients to develop and widen revenue streams, as well as strengthen customer relationships. Nathan Henry brings over a decade of solid industry experience to NHD, effecting true technical expertise and invaluable market acumen into tangible outcomes.